Success stories

Solar and Wind power


Due to higher than expected power generation by our recently installed windmill we are now able to power three more rooms using purely solar and wind power. Fingers crossed with more donations we’ll be able to become 100% self sufficient and with the ever increasing power cuts this is becoming more important. No electricity results in no way to clean our drinking water to make it safe for drinking.


11224222_815447848550524_6550736592095449680_nNeeraj had a harder start in life than many of us can even imagine. His mother was driven to suicide after continued beatings from his father. He and his sister also suffered from their father’s hand and because of this they came to Ramana’s garden at a young age. He was always a bright boy with an adorable smile and I’m tempted to say he is now an incredible young boy but he isn’t, he is an incredible young man. Having achieved excellent results in his 12th grade exams he was accepted to Tula University and is now studying there towards a degree in International Business. It is difficult to put in to words just now proud we all are of him. We are confident he’ll continue to achieve incredible things in the future.