Kids and Prabha at organic farm

Save our Ambiya Paradise Organic Farm

Kids and Prabha at organic farm

The final hour is near! Our One Night in India Benefit is coming up tomorrow night, Saturday October 24 in Bristol, UK and Livestreamed worldwide to help the children of Ramana’s Garden Children’s Project in Rishikesh save their Ambiya Paradise Organic Farm.

This magical 9 hectors of veggie gardens, orchards, and ancient Deodar trees is our main source of organic veggies, fruits, and nuts, not only for all 70 kids living and 269 studying in Ramana’s Garden, but also to offer to all our friends coming from around the world to eat healthy yummy food with us in the kids’ Ramana’s Garden Organic Café.

Cows grazingIt also provides lush Himalayan meadows for our cows, goats, pony, chickens, and bunnies to free range graze.

It is located in an already endangered ancient forest high in the Himalayas. Evil eyes have fallen upon it and we are under threat of losing it to resort development. This would be a tragedy not only to all the children and animals losing their food supply but also to the forest. 1000’s of trees would be felled destroying one of the last remaining intact bio-spheres in the entire Himalayan range.

Please help us save our Ambiya Paradise Organic Farm by watching the One Night in India Benefit Concert replay on the YouTube Livestream. We urgently need to raise $30,000 to save it. The Livestream concert starts at 6.30pm UK time and goes to 11pm. Find your local start time here.

The Livestream concert is free and we would love you to also support us by donating here.

More images of our beloved Ambiya Paradise Organic Farm

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Prabha’s visit to the UK – October 2015

Prabha hugging boy

Prabha will be visiting the UK from 19-27 October on a fundraising tour.

As you have hopefully heard by now, we’re having a big benefit concert in Bristol on 24 October – One Night in India – which will also be Livestreamed around the world so you can join us via YouTube…and also throw your own party if you wish.

Prabha will be at the concert in Bristol and will be sharing some stories about the children, the organic farm we’re raising money for and telling us some of the incredible tales of how against all odds Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home came into being.

Passionate PrabhaPrabha is an inspiring and impassioned storyteller and speaker – a pioneer in helping to break down the caste system in India and promoting education for girls and women. And as mother and mentor to nearly 70 kids, she has a huge heart.

Here’s a short video of Prabha talking about how Ramana’s Garden helps protect and empower the children it serves.

Prabha as a Hollywood actress
Hollywood actress Prabha

Prabha herself has an incredible story. Keen to escape her childhood days of hand-me-downs in small town Colorado, USA she set off at 17 to find fame and fortune as a Hollywood actress. Later, having found that having the sports car and fancy clothes still left a big hole, she gave it all up and started a spiritual search in India. First with Osho and then with Papaji, she writes:

“Fourteen years later I found myself living on the banks of River Ganga in a cave. For the first time in my life I felt like I had come home. I began to discover the treasure I had searched so desperately for outside was inside me and the key was love and gratitude.
The simplest things filled my heart with joy and gratitude; a child’s joy writing her own name, helping deliver my first healthy baby, helping the village women with their harvest. The more this joy arose; the more I longed to share it. First it was with the village children who came to create our first little school together there in the cave. Later that school blossomed into thirteen more with projects in 68 villages.”

Read more about Prabha here and about Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home which she founded and now runs with the help of volunteers.

Prabha will be arriving in Bristol a few days before the concert on 24th October and would love to get as much press coverage as possible to help spread the word about Ramana’s garden and to raise the funds it’s dependant on.

We have a couple of radio interviews booked already but would love to arrange some TV appearances, more radio interviews, Skype interviews, newspaper or magazine articles etc. Prabha will be in Bristol from 19-24 October and in London from 25-27th.

We would be very grateful if you would contact Mala on 07528 586817 or by email if you have any recommendations, contacts who you think could help us with this. Many thanks in advance.

Prabha and school kids
Prabha with some of the children at Ramana’s Garden Primary School
Indian food with friends

Party on, Livestreamers!

CheersNeeding a reason or excuse to get your friends together and have a gathering or party? Well look no further- we have the PERFECT opportunity for you! On Saturday 24th October, from 6.30 to 11pm, you will be able to join us LIVE free via the Internet for an amazing evening called One Night in India – Give Kids a Chance. We are Livestreaming a benefit concert and event for Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home in Rishikesh, India which we are putting on in Bristol UK. It’s absolutely free to watch, and the line up is just fantastic!

Here’s the menu (Indian of course) for the evening (or morning, afternoon, wee small hours – whatever it is for you – find out here).


      • Delicious Indian food & snacks – sorry you’ll need to do this bit yourselves!
      • Bustling Indian market – we can provide the sound track – you can provide the goods (and smells?)
      • Fabulous Music – leave that to us (see below)!
      • Tales of going East (from Hollywood hopeful, to cave-dweller, to mother to 69 children – luckily they do their own washing – in the Ganges!) – step up the redoubtable Prabha (founder of Ramana’s Garden) – an inspiring speaker and story-teller!
      • Video message from the wonderful Deva Premal & Miten and Manose who are avid supporters of Ramana’s Garden
      • Some video clips of Ramana’s Garden and the kids
      • A raffle – we’re having one – you could have one too!
      • Plenty of opportunities to donate!
      • And finally:
        Keeping the show on the road – Niraj (much loved by fans of Osho Leela and Biodanza) charming, witty and sometimes just a bit, er, caustic – our host for the evening.

…Of course you’ll be host or hostess with the mostest for your own party – post a photo on the Event page of what you’re going to wear, the dish you’ll be making, the raffle prize you’re bringing or whatever else you feel!

A bit about the fabulous music you’ll be listening to…

MusiciansWe have the amazingly talented Praful Mystik (master sax and flute player, and music producer) flying over from Germany to be with us and he will be joined by Sika, guru of the digiredoo and together they will take us on a musical journey into the wonderous and unknown. Gorgeous goddesses Sudha (vocals) and Tarisha (keyboard and vocals) will be enchanting us with sacred mantras and rhythms, diving deep into our souls and opening our hearts and minds to the ancient sounds of the past that is rooted in the Indian heritage.

Check out if you can run your computer sound through your music system or perhaps your TV (easy if your TV already shows YouTube). Put your connection tips in the comments below.

So now you have the Menu, here’s the recipe:

Recipe for a Great Evening!

Here’s some ideas from us – please add your own in the Comments below.



* 1 internet connection and a computer/laptop or other device
* The link…….to connect you to the event – sign up here to ensure you get that and a reminder when your party starts (you wouldn’t want to be in your pyjamas when your friends arrive!)
* Some Indian Snacks, Food and Drinks – or how about an Indian Takeaway!?
* A handful of friends – remember to send them some invitations!
* An open heart and a sprinkling of love
* Ideally another laptop with the page open at ‘Donate here’


* Send out your invitations and remind people the day before. You can use our Facebook Event.
* Open your front door and let your friends in
* Get yourself a plate of yummy food, a nice drink of chai, beer or lassi
* Find a comfy place to sit
* Click on the link or copy into your browser
* Sit back and enjoy the show!
* Tell all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc how much fun you’re having and invite them to join online. You can also post on our FB PageReTweet us and Tweet using the hashtag #GiveKidsAChance
* Show your love at US Donations or UK Donations For other donations – you can choose the US or UK page (remember to add GiftAid(UK) or 5013 rebate (US) to increase the value of your gift at no cost to you).

See you there!

Alternative method

Hire a venue – preferably with a big screen – and have an even bigger party. Then you can invite friends of friends too!
This is what our friend Sara Bhavani has done in Malvern in the UK – see her event here and let us know about yours!

What it’s all about!

Organic cropsOrganic harvest

You don’t need an excuse to throw a lovely party/have a get together with your friends…but we’ve given you a great one! All the money raised from this benefit concert will go towards buying the lease of the organic farm currently leased by Ramana’s Garden but which is now under threat of not being renewed. Prabha writes:

“We have been leasing the land for our Ambiya Paradise organic farm and the kids’ summer haven from the heat for past 11 year on a renewable lease with the option to purchase. We just never had the extra $30,000 needed. …we are desperately trying to raise the funds to purchase the Organic farm retreat center. It is our salvation, provides 90% of the food we eat as well as serve in the Cafe and most important gives the kids and all of us shelter from the unbearable heat, power cuts and acute water shortages that follow every summer in Tapovan , our headquarters in Laxman Jhula. We can not survive without the mountain center. It also has a pure water spring that has never gone dry and water is becoming a huge shortage here in India.”
Read more about Ambiya Paradise Organic Garden here.

Cauliflower kids

Our target for this benefit concert is $30,000 (approximately £20,000 or Euros 27,000) – your donations large or small are all appreciated. As a viewer at home we would also like to encourage you to donate and have a special Donate now button on the screen so again you will not miss out!! We thank you with all our hearts for however you choose to support Ramana’s Garden and for joining us online with your family and friends and hope you have a fun evening!

Remember to get your joining instructions here.

With love Mala, Kutira and Sidika xxx

Indian food with friends

P.S. Parties are great, but maybe they’re not your thing, or not practical right now or you just want to snuggle up by yourself or with a friend and watch the livestream…Perfect too – let us know you’re coming.


Food images courtesy of smarnad, tiverylucky and Victor Habbick, Cocktails by photostock at Party image by SilentObserver on Flickr

Give Kids a Chance Worldwide Party – Malvern, UK

Malvern UK Party for Ramana's GardenI first heard of Ramana’s Garden when my good friend Mala went to visit there and teach the children how to make hula hoops. On her return she was so enthusiastic about the place, the people and the good they do, I was inspired to help them but wasn’t really sure how to. After watching a video documentary about how one of the girls from the centre was kidnapped, sold to the sex trade and dramatically rescued, I was determined to do something that would really make a positive difference.

When I heard about the Benefit Concert I immediately bought a ticket and agreed to help promote it. The event will be streamed live online, so those unable to attend physically will be able to participate and have the opportunity to donate via a web link.

I realised that many more people would do this if they only knew about Ramana’s Garden and the issues they face. This is what inspired me to host a film night in the run up to the concert, giving a talk and showing a series of short documentaries, to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved.

On the night of the concert we will stream the event at Malvern Cube, our local community centre, making it a fun way to get together and do something positive. We will have a licensed bar, a raffle and maybe some other stuff too (it is still being organised as I write!).

It is my hope that my input is able to raise extra momentum to the fundraising effort and inspire others to contribute. A little effort will go a long way to supporting the Children of Ramana’s Garden. I encourage others who feel touched by this work to set up their own local events, so that this thing can snowball into a love bomb of possibilities and more children can benefit from a better start in life.

Sara Bhavani

If you too feel inspired by Bhavani’s blog and would love to get involved and join in the worldwide party on Saturday 24th October and support Ramana’s Garden, then please do get in touch with us!! Check out our suggestions at Party On, Livestreamers! We would love to hear from you and get this viral! You can email Mala: or call 07528 586817

The direct link to the Livestream on YouTube is here

Kids playing with hoops

Mala and her Hula Hoops come to Ramana’s

A seed is planted

hula hoop on beachI was first inspired with the idea of making Hula hoops with children in India from a visit the previous year when I was watching the sunset on Arambol beach in Goa along with the many hundreds of other people and assortment of performers with their hula hoops, juggling balls and the like. There was a young hula hooper doing some amazing moves and tricks when she was approached by three young Indian children, 1 girl and 2 boys and they were eager to have a go on the hoops. The hooper reluctantly gave 2 of the hoops to the children and the little girl picked it up instantly and was having fun and the children were laughing.

One of the boys had a turn also. To see this bought joy to my heart as I also know the joy that a hoop can bring to a child of any age, whether we are 8 or 80 years old! (I’ve been making hoops and teaching classes for the last 5 years). But it was especially important for these children who did not look like their lives were ones of fun and play, quite the opposite in fact! I was shocked when the Hooper suddenly snatched back the hoops and started to taunt the young girl with it instead. That was the very moment when I decided that on my next visit to India, I would be armed with the means of making hula hoops for the children of India!

It wasn’t until a few months later back in the U.K. That I happened to mention it to my housemate Kutira saying that I intended to go and work in an orphanage and make Hula hoops with the kids. Kutira told me of her good friend Dwabha who had set up and been running a Children’s Home for many years called Ramana’s Garden in the foothills of the Himalayas. And that was that decided!

I checked out their website and wrote an email to Dwabha telling her of my idea and asked if she thought it was possible for me to do this. The reply came a short while later and the answer was YES! It was all systems go, next I arranged an extended amount of time off of my work with Alive Activities ( where we go into residential care homes settings and essentially bring people back to life through music, guided reminiscence and stimulating activities and fun! Luckily they were more than happy to support what I was doing and gave me their blessings!

Meeting Dwabha on the beach


I arrived in India on 8th January, 2015 with one rucksack which also contained 100 hoop connectors, a pair of pipe cutters and rolls of sparkly tapes for decorating the Hoops! My first stop was Candolim in Goa where I “landed” and acclimatised whilst meeting up with fellow Sannyasin friends. It was a few days in when I heard that Dwahba was there too! And only for 2 days! What were the chances of that happening? I had no idea what she looked like but friends were keeping an eye out for her for me and would connect us but they said you will know her, she is unlike any other, tall and blonde and with a majestic air about her. And they were right! I spotted a woman of this description going into the sea so I waited until she came out.

I went over and introduced myself and we chatted for a while and then Dwabha asked me from what was I going to make the hoops? Aha! She advised me to find the piping in Goa and to send it up to Rishikesh as she said she doubted if I could find it up there. Having decided to go on a mission to the hardware stores in Goa, I met a hooper in Arambol who assured me that any hardware store would sell this piping. So I took her at her word and, wanting not to have the hassle of carrying or posting the piping all the way up to Rishikesh, I arrived there empty handed with the trust (and hope!) that I would find it!

Arriving in Rishikesh

Arriving in Rishikesh was a joy! I had no idea what to expect but I was mesmerised by the aqua colours and flow of the River Ganges and would love to sit and watch the flow of life from my bedroom balcony and also from the very popular German Bakery overlooking Laxmanjula bridge which teemed with life in both animal and human form! I was enchanted with the cheeky monkeys that hung out and played at the bridge, the cows wandering across along with hordes of people stopping to have their pictures taken, feeding the monkeys and motorbikes that crossed.

Such a festival of activities all in such a short amount of time and limited space! So many Pilgrims, temples, Satsangs, Yoga schools, a real Spiritual Mecca of the North! All alongside the Western travellers and seekers, the Sadhus, the beggars, the locals doing their washing and bathing and the tourists going down the Ganges whooping with fear and joy as they navigated the tides and rocks of the Ganges. And of course not forgetting the reason for my visit – Ramana’s Garden!

Tracking down the elusive hoop piping

My first attempts of finding the right material for making the Hula Hoops were not successful. In fact the first lot on the unravelling was actually Garden hose pipe! This was not an entirely wasted exercise as I gave it to the Children’s Home for their Organic gardens where they grow their delicious vegetables for their amazing Organic Cafe which is very popular with the tourists – the queues are often out the door for people wanting to eat there.

In the meantime I chatted to a fellow resident at my guest house, (to stay at the orphanage you need to be a volunteer there for 2 months) and shared my mission to find the right materials. He took up the challenge and found a cane factory where he had 3 hoops made up for me but this proved a rather pricey option. As time wore on I began to have creeping doubts as to whether I would find it here and felt bad at having let the children down and made an empty promise. Of course this just fuelled my determination to find the materials. In between all this I came down with a heavy head cold which knocked me flat for a few days. Luckily there was a restaurant downstairs so I got myself down there for lots of lemon and ginger teas and hot food. It was pretty cold in Rishikesh and just having come from Goa where the temperatures were above 30 degrees it was a shock to my system!


Once back on my feet I went back to the local town which if you know India is sometimes no simple task! There is no car access to Laxmanjula so to get to the rickshaw stand is a walk across the narrow bridge (hence all the motorbikes which actually aren’t allowed on the bridge but this is India, anything goes!) and then up the steep steps across the marketplace and then up another hill which is lined with shops, market stalls and restaurants and a taxi stand which has set prices much higher than a price of a rickshaw. Being a traveller at heart I take the next part of the leg-killing walk up the windy path and steps which were designed for longer legged people than myself and finally to the rickshaw stand! Here the next set of negotiating comes into play for the price of the fare. And even this doesn’t guarantee that you will leave in the immediate future, the drivers like to wait, naturally until they have a full load of passengers, so I usually needed up encouraging others walking by to come with us so we could set off. It is all part of the game and I love this about India! So finally we are off!

I am dropped in the busy Main Street of Rishikesh and find a place to start. On the 2nd shop I call in at, I make a breakthrough and the man writes down the name of the piping I am after on a piece of paper in both Hindi and English and then I take this into the next places. I hit the jackpot in Asia Paints. It is a hardware store similar to ones in the U.K, similar to my brother’s painting and decorating shop that he had for many years where I sometimes worked. There were no women to be found in here though! The man told me to go out the back with 2 other men which on paper looks dodgy as hell and in hindsight pretty risky and as we went out of that building into another and down into the basement the very thought crossed my mind!

Thankfully all was well and they showed me the pipes and there it was! So I ordered 45 metres of it at 20p a metre! I was so, so excited and delighted! People on the streets looked at me with both shock and amusement as I carried this huge reel of piping over my shoulder. I arrived back at the orphanage triumphant! The next solution needed would be how to melt the ends of the pipes once they were cut to put in the connectors and join the hoops. Luckily I had a helper James, a lovely young guy from Australia who had been working at Ramana’s for a while doing maintenance work.

Making the hoops

Making hula hoops
James helping Mala make hoops

Back home I had an old kettle to boil the water for the hoops and would stick the ends in the open kettle. Here in India though we didn’t have the luxury of instant access to a kettle. The man in the shop suggested fire for melting the ends but Dwabha rightly said no, not only for the toxic fumes but also for safety reasons. Our solution came in the form of disposable lighters! We bought up 8 lighters from one of the local stores and after I measured the pipe lengths and James cut them, I held the lighter underneath the ends of the pipe and then James put the connector in that end and started on the next end. And it worked!!

The children get their hoops

Girl with hoopBoy with hoop

I ran into the Cafe to find Dwabha to tell her the news and it was such an amazing feeling to know that it was all possible and was really going to happen! Of course the children were gathering around watching us in curiosity and anticipation and as soon as the first hoop was made, it was off! As was the next and next and so on until the whole outside space was filled with children delightedly hooping and playing with the hoops. I stood there and cried! It was the most touching thing I had seen! And the joy it brings, a simple hoop! And So much fun! They were all such naturals, I didn’t have to show them how to do it at all!

The boys had developed their own games with the hoops, rolling them upright and using sticks to guide them like you see in the pictures of Victorian days with kids doing the exact same thing! The boys were charging up and down the playground, racing each other. Some of the children were skipping with them, some round their necks, on their arms, they were complete naturals!

Two days later on a rainy afternoon some of the children decorated their hoops with the shiny tapes I had bought over with me from the UK and were totally engrossed in this for two whole hours!  Here are some pictures of their masterpieces which they were very proud of and rightly so!


And so my work here was done, I had achieved what I set out to do and the incredibility of it all hit me, that I had an idea, one that I may have dismissed as a “one day I would like to…” and then I went for it and it all fell so perfectly into place and the results were truly magical!

Another seed is planted!

I was truly touched by my time at Ramana’s and before I left I talked with Dwahba and said I wanted to help them with their fundraising and had an idea to put on another One Night In India as I had done in 2013 in Bristol, but this time as a fundraiser for Ramana’s.


I set off from Rishikesh back to the UK with the seeds of an idea that was set in motion upon sharing it with my housemate Kutira.  She also wanted to support her friend and the incredible work she was doing with the children of Ramana’s and the rest, as they say is history! Our “One Night in India, Give Kids a Chance” benefit concert with wonderful musicians, food and Indian market…and Dwahba! takes place on 24 October in Bristol, UK and will be livestreamed around the world. See our event page to join us in person, via livestream and to support the amazing gift of Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home.

One Night in India flyer

With love

Mala (Bristol, UK)