Kulkeet – Engineer of the future

Kulkeet is a quiet boy with an adorable smile that can light up the room. He is 19 years old and studying in 12th grade but is mature beyond his years. He was born in Ujjain, India and belonged to a poor family where he couldn’t get an education or see much future. His father was an alcoholic and abusive towards the family. Still today when Kulkeet visits his family often his father will be drunk and beating his mother so they will need to phone the police. Since aIMG_1350-199x300 young age he has had to provide support to his mother, emotionally and physically, this has led him to be a very mature and responsible person.

Kulkeet has excelled in school achieving 88% in his 10th class results. He is now working towards his finals in 12th with the hope of attaining high enough marks to study Engineering. Coming from Kulkeet’s background he realises just how important education is to his future as it would change not only his life but his family’s too.

Any help you can give to helping Kulkeet achieve this dream would be appreciated. No matter how large or small.

For information on how to donate visit:


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