Prabha’s visit to the UK – October 2015

Prabha hugging boy

Prabha will be visiting the UK from 19-27 October on a fundraising tour.

As you have hopefully heard by now, we’re having a big benefit concert in Bristol on 24 October – One Night in India – which will also be Livestreamed around the world so you can join us via YouTube…and also throw your own party if you wish.

Prabha will be at the concert in Bristol and will be sharing some stories about the children, the organic farm we’re raising money for and telling us some of the incredible tales of how against all odds Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home came into being.

Passionate PrabhaPrabha is an inspiring and impassioned storyteller and speaker – a pioneer in helping to break down the caste system in India and promoting education for girls and women. And as mother and mentor to nearly 70 kids, she has a huge heart.

Here’s a short video of Prabha talking about how Ramana’s Garden helps protect and empower the children it serves.

Prabha as a Hollywood actress
Hollywood actress Prabha

Prabha herself has an incredible story. Keen to escape her childhood days of hand-me-downs in small town Colorado, USA she set off at 17 to find fame and fortune as a Hollywood actress. Later, having found that having the sports car and fancy clothes still left a big hole, she gave it all up and started a spiritual search in India. First with Osho and then with Papaji, she writes:

“Fourteen years later I found myself living on the banks of River Ganga in a cave. For the first time in my life I felt like I had come home. I began to discover the treasure I had searched so desperately for outside was inside me and the key was love and gratitude.
The simplest things filled my heart with joy and gratitude; a child’s joy writing her own name, helping deliver my first healthy baby, helping the village women with their harvest. The more this joy arose; the more I longed to share it. First it was with the village children who came to create our first little school together there in the cave. Later that school blossomed into thirteen more with projects in 68 villages.”

Read more about Prabha here and about Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home which she founded and now runs with the help of volunteers.

Prabha will be arriving in Bristol a few days before the concert on 24th October and would love to get as much press coverage as possible to help spread the word about Ramana’s garden and to raise the funds it’s dependant on.

We have a couple of radio interviews booked already but would love to arrange some TV appearances, more radio interviews, Skype interviews, newspaper or magazine articles etc. Prabha will be in Bristol from 19-24 October and in London from 25-27th.

We would be very grateful if you would contact Mala on 07528 586817 or by email if you have any recommendations, contacts who you think could help us with this. Many thanks in advance.

Prabha and school kids
Prabha with some of the children at Ramana’s Garden Primary School

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