Give Kids a Chance Worldwide Party – Malvern, UK

Malvern UK Party for Ramana's GardenI first heard of Ramana’s Garden when my good friend Mala went to visit there and teach the children how to make hula hoops. On her return she was so enthusiastic about the place, the people and the good they do, I was inspired to help them but wasn’t really sure how to. After watching a video documentary about how one of the girls from the centre was kidnapped, sold to the sex trade and dramatically rescued, I was determined to do something that would really make a positive difference.

When I heard about the Benefit Concert I immediately bought a ticket and agreed to help promote it. The event will be streamed live online, so those unable to attend physically will be able to participate and have the opportunity to donate via a web link.

I realised that many more people would do this if they only knew about Ramana’s Garden and the issues they face. This is what inspired me to host a film night in the run up to the concert, giving a talk and showing a series of short documentaries, to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved.

On the night of the concert we will stream the event at Malvern Cube, our local community centre, making it a fun way to get together and do something positive. We will have a licensed bar, a raffle and maybe some other stuff too (it is still being organised as I write!).

It is my hope that my input is able to raise extra momentum to the fundraising effort and inspire others to contribute. A little effort will go a long way to supporting the Children of Ramana’s Garden. I encourage others who feel touched by this work to set up their own local events, so that this thing can snowball into a love bomb of possibilities and more children can benefit from a better start in life.

Sara Bhavani

If you too feel inspired by Bhavani’s blog and would love to get involved and join in the worldwide party on Saturday 24th October and support Ramana’s Garden, then please do get in touch with us!! Check out our suggestions at Party On, Livestreamers! We would love to hear from you and get this viral! You can email Mala: or call 07528 586817

The direct link to the Livestream on YouTube is here

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